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Who Am I?

This site is designed (at least to begin with) for Chemists studying at Oxford University.

I am a 4th year Undergraduate Chemist at St Edmund Hall College Oxford, and have designed this site to house my Chemistry Notes for the Undergraduate Course, and probably with an eye to any other chemistry stuff that interests me in the future. You might be interested to know that I got a First in my Final Examinations, just in case you're worried that all this stuff is complete rubbish or something :)

If you think that some content should be added (or modified, I do make mistakes!) then please do let me know via the Contact Form. Thank you very much!

So what exactly is there?

  • Notes for Inorganic, Organic and Physical disciplines. This covers Years 1,2 and 3.
  • Some Advanced Notes, basically only those topics that I studied at Advanced Level. I did Organic and Inorganic.
  • A Search Engine, to find what you need quickly.
  • What I Plan To Add

  • A whole host of useful Chemistry links on the web
  • My old A-Level Notes. These will only be of any use to anyone doing Salters A-Level Chemistry Board. I don't know if the course has changed a lot in the last 3 years (or more by the time you're reading this) so some of it may be of no use to you, but I have them in electronic form already and they might be handy ...
  • Problems and Answers for Tutorials
  • Practical Write-Ups
  • The latter two items are really only of any use to chemists at Oxford. They will take a while so I may not get round to doing them - sorry!
    Last Update: 15th December 2003