Hello and welcome to my Oxford Chemistry Notes website

The original version of this website (2003) was created back when I was at University, as a place to store my Chemistry notes for others - particularly later year groups - to have a little bit of help if they need it. I've recently (2019) brought the website up to date as it was showing serious signs of age, since there has been a steady trickle of users since it was created.

The Notes section contains a list of all the documents available, grouped by category. There's also now a Tags section where I've tried to sub-categorise a bit to help out (there's also the Search option on the left).

If you'd like to show your thanks, do drop me a note - it's always appreciated to know when this site has been helpful! You can also learn a little bit more about this site and those who helped put it together here.

The Contact Form is also a great way to let me know if you spot a mistake - I was pretty good at Chemistry but I definitely did make them!