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Welcome to!
Welcome to my home page. This is a portal to the things I'm interested in on the web, and provides access to my email etc, all from one place.
Wondering who I am? I'd suggest a visit here »
For obvious reasons, things like my email/calendar and the ability to update things are protected. However, all the sections should at least display things, even if you can't necessarily interact with it!
Some of the cool things Alex can do from this site are:
  • Read his e-mail
  • Update his to-do list, DVD wishlist and even his shopping list!
  • View his calendar so he knows where he's supposed to be!
  • Search for locations, images, help with programming, etc.
  • Read news, sport, entertainment and technology news.
  • Watch videos!
  • Laugh
If you'd like to know more about the site, click the Contact button in the top right of the page and send him a mail - I'd be happy to help!